A small preface

This is my first post, I’m not a very “bloggy” person, so much so that I have a vast array of failed design & development blogs laid to rest in the past where I talked quite a lot of 💩with very little useful content.

I hope this time things are going to be different, I’m just over 8 years into my development career now and after working with start up clients, trophy clients, agencies, myself for personal products and even friends who have used code to change something in their life that they thought never possible, I think this might just work out.

So without further a due this is not another one of my previous blogging attempts, I’ve cut my content down to three major post types:

  • Snippets of useful code explained in brevity to grasp the gist without explaining a short chapter of rocket science.
  • Observations in the world we live in and what code might be able to help us with (or hinder)
  • Progress updates on personal projects

I’ve also fancied trying my hand at podcasting, so if there is anything on here you think would work well, make sure sure to give us a nudge.

📷 Salford

Photo by Craig Davis on Unsplash
A small preface
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